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How can I check the stress distribution of my structure?

    • jin cheul Lee
      Sorry for using translater because of my poor english skill.
      I'm running a simulation of a project to build a spaghetti bridge using ansys apdl.
      The picture below is the structure I'm simulating.

      In order to check the stress distribution of the structure,I follow the step below.
      General Postproc-Plot Results-Contour Plot-Nodal Solu-nodal solution-stress-von Mises stress
      But a error window popped up and I couldn't confirm it.
      Error said 'The requested S data is not available. The PLNSOL command is ignored.
      There was no problem when it was performed with a 3D model in class.
      I don't know why this happens. Please Help
    • Vinayak Vipradas
      Ansys Employee


      Can you confirm that the OUTRES command includes outputting stress data to rst file? Did you issue the "SET" command to point to a result set before you plot? When distributed solver is used it is required to issue the SET command. Otherwise only some of the results are available in the database.

      Vinayak Vipradas


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