How can I combine edges and make the mesher in fluent recognize the edge as 1 continuous edge?

    • Jad_Hanna

      If anyone could help me as I have wasted so much time on this. I am trying to add a bias to the curve of my C-type mesh, however, due to my Gurney Flap I have had to partition my mesh around it (I don't even know if I have partitioned it well if you could help me with that, that would be great as well) and as such, the Curve of the C-Type mesh is split into 4 separate regions. I need the mesher to recognize the curve as 1 continuous edge, or 2 separate continuous curves (for the upper and lower surfaces).

      My partitions split the edges and make it difficult to add a consistent bias. Could someone tell me how to make it one consistent line but keep the partitions. Cntrl+clicking the edges selects multiple but it doesn't give them continuous bias. I will add the necessary screenshots to help explain what I am asking.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      You will need to merge bottom two faces using Virtual Topology in meshing. Then you can get continuous edge.
      You can put biasing to different curves to match each other. Please go through help manual for more details
      Regards Keyur
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