How can i conduct multiple mode source simulation

    • jongh1019

      Hello, specialist.

      I want to conduct 16 channels of grating antenna array simulation.

      And then, i added sixteen mode sources for each feeding waveguide. (like the bottom image)

      [mode source] --> wavelength: 1.55 um (single wavelength), fundamental mode.


      However, when i start the simulation, suddenly program was shut down automatically.

      There was even not any error message.

      I tried to confirm to simulation through check simulation and memory requirement

      But, the same thing happened when simulation is started. (automatically shut down)

      I reduced number of mode source to check the problem.

      When there are four mode sources, simulation was conducted. 

      In case of other computer, it is possible to conduct the simulation, when three mode source is existed.

      I don't understand know why simulation is automtically shut down.

      And i want to conduct simulation with sixteen mode sources for beam forming and beam steering.

      Please advice me how to conduct simulation or how to change options to start simulation

      Or would you suggest other alternatives or methods for simulation??

      (I want to upload my .fsp file. but i don't know how can do it)



      --> there are other simulation of multiple of mode source which conduct by other user.


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