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How can i define a torsional spring-damper element in ANSYS Workbench?


      Dear all, i'am trying to model a curved beam supported by torsional spring-damper elements and longitudinal spring-damper elements in ANSYS Workbench. I want to do an harmonic analysis on it but i need to verify if the torsional spring-damper element is defined correctly.

      In the ANSYS Forum, i've found that i can't define a Torsional Spring-element in workbench, but i can convert a Longitudinal Spring-damper to torsional by inserting a Command Object under the spring-damper and forcing it to be Torsional. I added longitudinal spring and added command right below it but i need to verify if the command is defined correctly.

      The torsional spring is arounf the X axis and the added command looks like the following:






      Does any body have any idea on it?

      Thank you so much for the help.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      This post shows how to use the torsion spring inside Mechanical (no need for apdl commands):

      All the best

      Thank you so much sir for your answer, but i don't know if beta restrain the rotation about the x axis or about all axis because in my case i need only to restrain the rotation about the x axis
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