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How can I define interface in ICEM CFD?

    • mkhademi

      Dear all,

      I am trying to create two fluid zones, mesh them in ICEM CFD, and then export it to Fluent. One fluid zone is the annular area, and the other is the outside of the annular. There is an interface bwteeen them. Now, I dont know what to do with the interface. It is only assumed as a wall that is not desirable for me as I want to be a non-conformal interface to pass the flow. How can I define to share this topology in ICEM? Thank you so much.  

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Best way is to create mesh for annular one and export A.msh. 

      Delete mesh in ICEM. 

      Create rest of the mesh and export B.msh. 

      Open Fluent. Read A.msh. Then append B.msh. 

      This will give you non conformal interface in Fluent. 



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    • mkhademi



      Thank you Keyur for your reply. I will implement your method, but in general, is it better that I define shared topology in the CAD model before bringing to ICEM CFD?Here, I have designed the geomery in ICEM CFD. I am asking for the case of a geometry that I have with more than 6-7 of these holes. I need to define a fluid zone near all these holes. Can you recommend a general order for meshing such geometry? Thank you. 



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