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How can i export the isosurface to a geometry file in apdl?

    • shaoyuwang

      I am simulating a heated metal block and after solving I want to create an isosurface at a specific temperature, but I can only find the command ANISOS, which can generates an animation of a series of isosurfaces, but cannot specify a specific temperature.

      And I don't know how to export this isosurface as a geometric model, can anyone help me?

    • Aniket
      Forum Moderator
      If you read the result file in Mechanical, Plot the result in Mechanical using Isosurfaces, and right click on the result and export it as stl, you should be able to open it in SpaceClaim and get surface out of that.
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    • shaoyuwang
      Thank you Sir, it works!
      But is there a way that I can realize it in APDL?
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