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How can I find poly-Si material (n, k) data

    • Sangmyeong Yu

      I can't find poly-Si material (n, k) data.

      please, let me know 

    • Niki Papachristou
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Sangmyeong,

      Unfotrunately, we dont have the poli-Si material (n,k) data on our Material Database but you can add the data on a .txt form from literature by simply clicking add.


    • sagar

      You can collect the data (by digitized) from this plot for poly-Si.

      This is the website where you can find the n nad k for different materials. If you want to do the model to demonstrate the experiment it is better to get measure n and k with ellipsometry for your grown sample. It always differ form the literature data. 

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