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How can I get stress information in modal analysis by Mechanical APDL

    • antoninliu

      I am using Mechanical APDL for modal analysis. I'd like to extract stress information but it seems that the results from modal analysis are all DOF solutions. Can anyone help to explain how to get stress solutions please?  Thanks a lot and best regards!


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Please check outres ( and mxpand ( command in the help.


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    • peteroznewman

      Dear Antonin,

      Modal analysis is only for obtaining modal frequencies and mode shapes. These are calculations on the structure. There was no load applied to the structure so there is no stress.

      To get stress from a vibrating structure, input the amplitude of a periodic load in a Harmonic Response analysis. That can take the solution of the Modal analysis to use the Modal Superposition method to solve the Harmonic Response problem.

      Kind regards,

    • antoninliu

      Dear Peter,

      Thanks for your explanation. I just tried Harmonic analysis, it works well.

      Best regards,


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