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General Mechanical

How can I get the A4 paper engineering data for simulation in Static Structural?

    • tandinhtamky

      Hi there,

      I have to simulate the process of crack growth when stretch the A4 paper (80 gsm) in Static Structural in Workbench.

      But, a lot of engineering data of this material like young's modulus, tensile ultimate strenth, ... I don't have it

      Please tell me how can I get it, from where ...

      Thank you for reading!

    • Saumadeep
      Ansys Employee
      Hi tandinhtamky
      You can create new material and then assign suitable material properties to it. You can get the appropriate material properties of A4 paper from various sources on the internet, or physically test the material to get the required properties.
      Or you can use the predefined paper materials available in Ansys (as shown in the image attached) if those meet the requirements that you are looking for.
      Regards, Saumadeep
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