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How Can I input temperature in node

    • yeje2007

      Hello, all 

      Thanks for answering my question

      In fluent, I used Node Named Selection(in Mesh) like picture and then I want to put temperature in node (maybe in Set Up) 

      but I don't know how to put information(temperature) in node  

      Please, Help me Thank you!

    • KR
      I'm not sure if I understand your question. Could you please elaborate on why you wish to specify the temperature of a certain node? Also, instead of adding attachments, could you please embed your screenshot directly into the post?
      Are you talking about initializing a certain specific region of the domain? If so, this can be done by Patch.
    • yeje2007
      I can't explain well but in my project, I have to specify the temperature of a certain node in fluent.
      I can't give temperature by specifying shape.
      I know each node number's location and can named selection
      only that node, I want put temperature information (maybe in Set Up)
      Thank you the reply.
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      You can set a cell value using FIX (Cell Zone condition) but we generally set fluxes etc and let the solver calculate the temperature.
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