How can I plot vorticity contour in CFD post


      Hello everyone,

      I want to plot vorticity contour to visualize the blade tip vortices of NREL phase VI wind turbine blade. I tried to plot velocity curl contour on the plane generated behind the blade at tip but this was not successful. Could someone please help me regarding to plot vorticity contour. 

      I will be very grateful.

    • Karthik R

      Please use the Custom Field Functions in Fluent to plot vorticity. You should be able to choose the first derivatives as input fields.

      Define -> Custom Field Functions

      From the drop-down, please pick 'Derivatives' and select 'dY-Velocity/dx'. Hit 'Select'. Add the '-' (minus) sign and then pick the other derivative 'dX-Velocity/dy'. This would be the definition in 2D. If you are running a 3D simulation, please create the function using the appropriate definition and you should be able to plot a contour using these Custom Field Functions.

      I hope this helps.



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