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How can I properly replicate experimental test conditions for PCB in Transient thermal

    • spacemandan


      I am currently trying to replicate a PCB IR camera photo in ANSYS. I am not sure if my approach is wrong but I am applying heat flux to each of the surfaces of the hot components. I get the heat flux from taking solving for q''=h(Ts-Tambient). I solve for h using Gr and Ra number and its corresponding correlations. However, my temperature contours do not match the IR camera. I am using FR-4 material for PCB but as for the electrical components like op amp, I am not sure what material properties to assign it. I understand I cannot account for everything, however I would like to get as close to this photo as possible. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    • Karthik R
      I'd strongly recommend that you use another tool specifically designed for Electronics Cooling - IcePak. It has a strong material library tailored towards electronics cooling. This would help you improve the accuracy of your simulation.nIf you are still looking for some properties, I'd also recommend that you take a look into the literature to see if you are able find something.nI hope this helps.nThanks.nKarthikn
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