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How can I reset my licencing preferences ? (I changed licence manager run mode and I can’t revert)

    • tahagunaydin

      So I had this issue where I couldn't use any of the products due to really poor connection via VPN (I was using my university's licence) and I came up with a solution on this forum where it said that changing the licence manager run mode to without flexnet and doing some stuff after the problem could be solved. I did it. It was solved, until I restarted my computer to see that it no longer worked. Now I can't change my settings to the default ones because I do not know the path of licence file to install. Can you please help me find that directory ? I could, uninstall everything and then reinstall everything back to get to the default settings but I do not have wi-fi and I do not want to use all of cellular network. Thank you in advance ! I have put a screenshot where that mysterious directory is asked.

    • VivekKamble
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Array,nn>> To set your license preferences, please use the steps below to reset client license preferences,nthe example below uses version 17.xnOn the Client/Workstation:nFirst close all ANSYS programs saving data where necessarynFor WINDOWS please select - Start /All Programs /ANSYS v17.X / ANSYS Client Licensing / Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility.nor click type Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility 17.x in windows search and launch the utilitynnFor LINUX - /ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing/lic_admin/anslic_adminnclick on set license preferences for user --> 17.x --> OK --> Reset to default - Continue - OKn>>The default directory for the license file is C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\Shared Files\Licensing\license_filesnnRegards,nVivek
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