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How can I simulate Bimetal behavior in whole thermal loading history ?

    • Nuno koh

      I'm interested in FEA simulation. 

      My Tool is Mechanical APDL. 

      These days, I've encountered with  a problem of thermal elastic behavior. 

      as in figure (a), the Cu is joined with  the Iron  at temperature (200'C) by welding 

      (welding layer and thermal effect  is negligible). 

      and cool down to room temperature(25'C) and pass through reflow (reflow machine is conveyor type thermal supplier). 

      I want to do simulation about thermal loading  by sequence below. 

      I've used the right part of bimetal by axisymmetry modeling. 

      I've tried it, but the procedure is just ended by second step cooling down at room temperature. 

      Further last step reflow process is not available.

      I want to see continuous animation which have all thermal history. 

      How can I simulation it continuously? 



      1. Cu is joined with Iron at 200'C 

      2. Cooling to room temperature (25'C). 

      3. Thermal loading through Reflow (25'C, 100'C, 150'C, 200'C, 300'C, 200'C, 150'C, 100'C 25'C).



      [source code]


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Unfortunately this question is beyond the scope for ANSYS employees to answer on a public forum, so hopefully, other student community users can chime in.

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