LS Dyna

LS Dyna

How can i solve this problem regarding bullet impact ?

    • charlieoscarpapa_

      my problem that i faced is

      "There are bonded connection(s) where none of the Candidate nodes found a Target face. A node will be bonded to the closest face only and this may therefore result in non-bonded nodes. See log and prt file for more information."

      the distance between the bullet and the target plate is 0.01mm

      here i attached the overview of my project that due to this problem

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee
      Try suppressing the contacts and only use the body interactions and reduce the timestep safety factor to 0.6 or 0.7 based on the velocity and be realistic on the material model with EOS to success in your first trial. If you are new, I strongly recommend to take the Course on explicit methods and material nonlinearity taught by our inhouse experts for free of cost.
      check the following course on contact modelling
      Cheers, Ram

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