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How can I use AQWAGS to visualize and plot multiple line graphs?

    • Murtala Musa

      I am new to ansys AQWA and just came across AQWAGS, However there is almost no resourse online on how to use this program. Can you hook me up with some material on how to use AQWAGS?
      I want to use it visualise Hydrodynamic response analysis on effect of Heave Disc on a spar hull. 
      Also, I want to plot multiple line graphs to compare the effect of various heave disc on same graph. Thanks

    • Ingrid Machecler
      Ansys Employee


      In AqwaGS, you can display mutlitple graphs when you click on "Graph". You will need to load the PLT or RES file (open > file). Then, select the properties you want to display. You can overlay various plots by "merging" them.

      I hope this helps.


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