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How can I use multiple cores, when running Mechanical APDL out of Matlap

    • Samson


      I have a the problem that, when I use Matlap R2019a to run Mechanical APDL it only uses 2 cores.

      I already changed the core count to 8, how it is desribed in the link below. The problem is it didn´t change the number of cores Ansys uses when using matlap to run it.

      Here is the link I´m talking about:


      I hope somebody has a solution. Thanks

    • peteroznewman

       What is the command line you are using to run the ansys solver from matlab?

      Is it something like this?

      /home/ANSYS Inc/v194/ansys/bin/Linux64/ansys194 -b -i input.dat -o solve.out

      All you need to do is add the flag -np 8 and it will run on 8 cores.


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