How can I write Eddy-dissipation model in DEFINE_VR_RATE udf?

    • bruon



      I have three reactions and want to use finite-rate model to two reactions and eddy-dissipation model to one reaction

      So I should use UDF, DEFINE_VR_RATE. In UDF manual, it gives an example about finite-rate model. But, there is no example about eddy-dissipation model. and I have no idea that how I implement the eddy-dissipation model.


      As you may know, DEFINE_VR_RATE macro returns only two values: rr for laminar and rr_t for turbulent.

      They may be used to calculate source and sink term of each species due to the reaction.

      But, the reaction rate of eddy-dissipation model is defined for "each species" in Theory Guide manual.

      What values should I return as a result of UDF in this case?


      Briefly, can anyone let me know how I write DEFINE_VR_RATE udf for implementing eddy-dissipation model?


      Thank you.

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