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Ansys Products

How can one get certification of his/her/their skills in a particular Ansys product?

    • Nath


      I'm looking for certificate courses in Ansys Fluent and Structural. Are there certificate programs/courses for Ansys products? If so, which ones are the best?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Currently the courses on the Ansys Learning Hub have attendance certificates. This a subscription service and can be purchased via your institute. These are focussed on teaching the Ansys software, and take you from beginner to an intermediate level. Additional training can then be arranged on more specialist topics, assuming you need to go beyond what's on the ALH. We assume a reasonable understanding of the physics before attendance, but that's more so you know what you're modelling than to be able to use the software.
      The free courses under the Courses tab on here (look at the top of the page) don't give a certificate (or didn't - we're expanding the offering and I've lost track of where we are) but cover the more fundamental bits of fluids, mechanical, electrical etc.
      Finally, we work with Universities to deliver courses. Cornell provide a free MOOC, and Madrid an online Masters degree Further courses and materials will become available in time, as and when they're created, agreements reached and we post details.

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