How can we do FDTD simulation with 1 nm thick layer material?

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    • sagar

      I am trying to do the simulation with a 1 nm thick layer material to find the absorption. In the simulation, I have added extra "mesh" for that around the geometry. If I reduce, the mesh size simulation gets bigger. Can you please suggest possible solutions to overcome this problem? 

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      If it is metal, you may use 2D sheet with complex surface conductivity. You can derive the surface conductivity from permittivity:

      You can approximate epsilon to be 1 to get sigma.


      If it is lossy dielectric material, you can add an override mesh to attach this 1nm layer, and specify mesh size to be 0.5nm (very coarse), 0.25nm or finer. The other region still uses the same background mesh accuracy. To make the PML effective, you can increase the simulation region, eg, use long distance between the thin layer to PML, make sure PML is located at the uniform mesh region.



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