How can we use the table of nations in our selections ?

    • charlotte.becquart

      Another completely different question: How do I specify in my research of materials that I do not want them to be produced in a military nation or a nation where the litteracy of women is close to nothing ? I really like the nations table but I do not see how to use it in a search for a material to make a seal for instance

    • David Mercier
      Ansys Employee


      Either you filter nations first (based on your criteria) and add the resulting countries into a favorite list, then use a 'Tree' stage during your material selection to keep only what you want from the 'Nations of the World' database (ie the favorite ones).

      Or one your material selection is done and you have few candidates, check the element records to get the 'main mining areas' (see scheenshot below) and thus make a more ethical material selection, by "comparing" the different concerned countries.

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