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General Mechanical

How could I model and solve the following problem with ANSYS?

    • dexterjamoe

      Please walk me through how you did this as well. 

    • mekafime


      you can do it linearly in the desig modeler and then you give the section of each line

    • peteroznewman


      Do you know how to use a CAD system?  If so, draw lines along the centerlines of each beam in 3D space. Export that as an IGES file, then Open that IGES file in SpaceClaim.

      If you don't know how to use a CAD system, then you can create these lines in SpaceClaim. You will have to spend some time learning how to do that. Then create the cross sections that run along those lines in SpaceClaim.

      Open the Model and apply Simply Supported constraints on the four end points (vertex) of the lines fixed to the wall.  Apply a force of 1000 N at the lifting end.  Solve.  Insert a Beam Tool into the results and find the Maximum Stress. Now you know the MPa/kN for this lift, call that number Skn

      Since you know the Ultimate Strength, Su, for the material, the maximum load in kN this structure could lift is Lmax = Su/Skn.

      Lswf = Lmax/2.25 to calculate the safe working load with a 2.25 Factor of Safety.

      Change the 1000 N load with the Lswf that you just calculated then Solve.  Now you know the tip deflection.

      The above is an overview of the process. There are many details you have to know along the way.

      Good luck,



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