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LS Dyna

How do get Full values instead of just minimum and maximum ?

    • Sarah
      I’m solving a model in ANSYS Workbench explicit. When I asked for number of nodes stress over time, I get only the maximum and minimum values which some times does not represent what you need. Is there any way to get all values, or average of certain number of nodes. coming from a user of Ansys APDL , I used to do that all the time.
    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee


        If it is just one node the max and the min would just be the same value.

      If it is a bunch of nodes, it would always pick a min, max and average them out, you always deselet the max and min.

      Also, you have lot more access to user-defined results from the worksheet in case you aren't aware (like directional components):

      You can also insert a Stress-probe or even use the Probe from the GUI to look at results:

      Hope this helps.



    • Sarah

      Thank you for the detailed answer. Seems it is not possible to do what I'm liking for using workbench

    • pradi87


      I have tried the above techniques. I am using Beam188 elements and assigned a rectangular section. While scoping a node, Ansys gives me results of some 8 nodes around the node I have selected. So I could not get a single value result. Kindly tell me how to solve this.


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