How do I add a heat generation [w/m3] to a cell in fluent?

    • Ivan Mendez

      Hey all.

      I have a set of x,y,z coordinates of cells written in a txt file along with a heat generation rate [w/m3] of each cell. I want to import these data into fluent. What are the ways I can do that? thanks

    • peteroznewman

      Hey Ivan,

      I don't know for sure since I am a Structural expert, not a Fluent expert, but you can try the following.

      Drag an External Data component from the sidebar of Workbench and drop it on the Setup cell of Fluent. Components are below the list of analysis systems in the sidebar. Edit the external data and select the text file.

      Hope that works.

      Regards, Peter


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Otherwise you will need a UDF to read the data table to then apply it as a source term. 

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