How do I add surface roughness to a Fluid simulation in Ansys Discovery?

    • Michael_G


      I'm working on a Project for my Bachelors (meaning i have limited understanding of stuff) and I need to run a Fluid simulation in Ansys Discovery. The goal of this simulation is to quantify the pressure loss through a 3D Printed (SLM) conformal cooling channel.

      Since the surfaces of my cooling channels are printed, their surfaces are extremely course. These course surfaces cause, to my understanding, 2 things: an overall reduction in diameter and affect the turbulent flow inside a channel. The reduction in diameter I could simply design in CAD, but the affects on the turbulent flow are much harder/impossible to quantify.

      I could not find anywhere in Ansys Discovery where I could Input my wall surface roughness (and leave the problem to the software to deal with). In Fluent, this is a parameter I found in the following guide: Point 6.10 https://user.engineering.uiowa.edu/~fluids/Posting/Home/CFD/Introductory/Lab%201-Pipe/Introductory_Lab1_Manual.pdf

      This leads to my question: How do I simulate the Wall roughness in a channel in Ansys Discovery? Or can i create a link to Fluent, define the boundary condition (wall roughness) and then return to Discovery (button in top right of screenshot below)? Or are both possible?

      For reference, I have left a screenshot of one of the channels in quetion below. The diameter of the channels is 5mm.

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Surface roughness is currently not available in Discovery. You can transfer the model to Fluent, however it cannot be transferred back to Discovery.

      - Naresh Patre
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    • Michael_G

      Thank you for the information. It's a shame that surface roughness won't be included in the simulations.

      -Michael Griffiths
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