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How do I clean my model history without purging key information?

    • marianna_urdanetamo

      I just downloaded and started using the newest software (Ansys Electronic Desktop 2021 R2).

      Everything worked out as expected as I ran my model, but once I was ready to save, a message appeared saying "Maxwell3DDesign1 contain parts with a large number of history tree operations and no variables. These long histories **** unnecessary complexity and can reduce performance of the modeler. Do you want to purge history of these parts, and delete unused coordinate systems." Based on the content of the message, I opted to save with cleanup.

      Then, a pop-up saying "Some designs have been edited resulting in invalid solution data. This data will be deleted from the saved project." showed up. Not wanting to invalidate the data, I proceeded with the deletion. Throughout this process I was never told what data was unnecessary and the system cleaned up the median nerve which is the primary component of my research project.

      How could I troubleshoot so that the model is not slowed down by unnecessary data without deleting key information? 

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @marianna_urdanetamo Can you share some screenshots of your model and history tree?
      Please use the image option and not the Attachment option while sharing the screenshots.

      Regards Navya
    • marianna_urdanetamo
      Do these help?
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