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How do I constrain the adjoint solver in fluent?

    • AlvaroConchello


      I am working on my final year investigative project on optimizing the drag of an Ahmed body using the adjoint solver. I have already done so without using any constraints and now I would like to repeat the same procedure but fixing the frontal area and the volume of said Ahmed Body to see how the results compare. I cannot find any tutorials or information on how to do something like this, so I was wondering if anyone here knew how to do it.

      I would like to do this on my 2D simulation too.


    • Murari Iyengar
      Ansys Employee
      Hi AlvaroConchello To ensure the frontal volume does not change, you can set the region box to only affect the rear part of the Ahmed Body. You cannot constrain the volume/area directly but you can constrain certain surfaces. This option can be found under the Design Conditions tab in Design Tool.
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