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conversion efficiency that converts RCP to LCP or LCP to RCP in metasurface

    • Ryu Jiwon

      How do I get a conversion efficiency that converts RCP to LCP or LCP to RCP in metasurface?

      I wrote the script with the help of the previous questions, but the graph is different from the paper. 

      I want to plot the conversion efficiency graph when the rod size is l=220nm and w=120nm.

      The paper I refer to is

      This is a picture of a script and a plot I wrote.

      Below is a picture of the plot in the paper

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Sorry to reply you late due to ceratin circumstances.

      From your results, it seems the S parameter has some issues, at it changes violently. It might have higher differaction orders. Please use farfield option to pick up only yhr zero-th order.

      In addition, dupicating other's result can be very challenge, as the original authors may not give clear details. Sometimes people use the same concept but different math definitions. For example, left-and right- circular polarization can be opposite. TE and TM modes have the same issues.

      Please refer this post to check if everything is the same as the paper:

      Ansys Insight: Why my simulation result is different from published paper or experiment?



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