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How do I get a smooth simulation result in terms of FPS?

    • AaronW

      This is the first time i've had this problem, my simulations before have been fine in terms of smoothness but it has been a while since I made one. What do I need to tweak in the analysis settings to get a smoother FPS for my results? Currently I get around 4 frames as my result, leading to very short and choppy results. I have a lot of steps and output points, but that doesn't seem to be helping. The simulation is just a simple armour penetration sim.

      Here are my current analysis settings and a video of the simulation, to show the issue

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee
      You need to modify the parameters in Output Controls under Analysis Settings.
      Save Results on -> Result Number of Points should be changed from 5 to 100 or more. Otherwise, you only have 5 results points in Graph for animation. If you have 100 results, the animation will be much smoother and less likely miss any peaks.
      Save Restart Files on -> Restart Number of Points is used to restart the simulation. The default is 5. This means that if a simulation is interrupted before reaching the End Time, you can restart the simulation from the last saved restart file. You don't have to restart it from the beginning.
      Use of multiple load steps won't increase the number of results saved. This behavior is different from what you have experienced with the MAPDL solver.

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