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How do I get accurate pressure peaks (eigenvalues) versus frequency?

    • yusuke baba


      I am trying to measure acoustic eigenvalues by simulating impedance tubes.

      For starters,I have a basic impedance tube as an acoustic body.

      I have defined surface velocity of 0.01 mm/s and rediation boundary at the entrance.

      Here are the results obtained under these conditions.

      A point at the top of the tube was specified and measured.

      In the experiment, resonance should occur and one or two clear peaks of eigenvalues should appear, but such a result is not obtained.

      I have consulted many examples and tutorials, but I don't know where the flaw lies in this condition.

      I seek help,thank you in advance.


    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator


      Please see if the following link helps: Acoustics model in Ansys 18.1


      Ashish Kumar

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