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How do I interpret .rst file results with python using pyansys library?

    • SoftEngCHD

      I am reading the binary files '.rst' using the ansys.mapdl library reader, and I want to understand those results. I have a beam simulated on ansys mechanical and I am evaluating total deformation, equivalent elastic strain and equivalent stress.

      What nodes are associated with which values? how are all three results separated? Also, I tried printing random data just to try and make sense of it but some data are NAN, so I would like to know why that is the case.

      Here is the simulation and some code

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      You've made a good start by having a small model - it's easier to figure out what's where that way. We may not be able to offer much advice here: as I don't know much (anything) about the file syntax I can't break any rules.....
      NAN/NaN is Not a Number. That could mean the solver failed, but in this case could mean the data doesn't exist but the file format requires it.
      Look for coordinates. In Fluent we tend to find output files are:
      Cell ID x y z pressure x-velocity etc

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