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How do I know if I selected an appropriate meshing size for my analysis?

    • marhark92

      I am conducting FEA on burial fish skulls. I was told to do some type of meshing analysis to determine the appropriate meshing size. However, I do not see a function under the meshing tab in Mechanical. Can someone please help where to find this? I would appreciate it. Thanks!

    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee

      Hello marhark92,

      What type of analysis are you performing? You can check for mesh convergence study.

      • Perform chosen analysis for several different mesh sizes.
      • Notice where high deformations or high stresses occur, perhaps it is worth to refine mesh in those regions.


      you may find bellow articles useful to get more detailed idea:

      How to choose correct mesh size - Enterfea

      ">How to Specify an Appropriate Element Size Using Ansys Mechanical - YouTube


  • bhagwantP
    Ansys Employee
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