How do I model heterogenous reaction udf involving rates that are in terms of surface area?

    • Tolas_Atelier

      I am modeling calcination kinetics in Fluent. I have a heterogeneous reaction udf set up to solve for the chemical reaction rate in an Eulerian multiphase model but it is in terms of the surface area of the particles. How can I translate this to be in terms of the cell volume as required by Fluent?

      The model is based on the chemical kinetics in this article: http://powerlab.fsb.hr/neven/pdf/Numerical%20Modelling%20of%20Calcination%20Reaction%20Mechanism%20for%20Cement%20Production.pdf


    • 2018ugme092
    • Surya Deb
      Ansys Employee
      Can you try to calculate the net reaction rate for the particle surface area and then add then divide that by the cell volume to get a volumetric rate?
      I am not sure if this is what you are looking for.
      Regards SD
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