How do i plot a certain variable averaged at different cross -sections at different lengths?

    • subhamcfd

      I simulated a hydraulic jump . In cfd post , I created different cross-sections at different positions along the length of the channel. I was successfully able to obtain the averaged Froude's no. or averaged enthalpy of water at each of these cross sections in the cfd post-table viewer.

      How do i make the cfd post chart-viewer to plot these averaged values ? I inserted a chart and was editing it but i could not find a way plot those particular variables(eg. enthalpy) averaged at those particular cross-section.

      I am attatching the figures .

    • Surya Deb
      Ansys Employee
      Please check this link to get details on how to create a Chart view. You can use .csv files with the calculated data as well.
      Also, check the following post if you are not able to access the link.
      Regards SD
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