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General Mechanical

How do i run a modal Transient Analysis?

    • Rifaat93


      i asked this question before but i want to formulate it differently.

      how do i choose the load on an object in transient analysis after i do the modal analysis in order to get the same „total Deformation“ at certain eigenfrequency?

      do i add a sine function load ??

      and how do i make sure that the damping is added ? Because if i add a sine function the damping doesnt seem to effect it

      what time steps do i choose ?

      are there certain time steps i should choose in order to get the results i need ?

    • Saumadeep
      Ansys Employee

      This might help you - Transient Structural Analysis Using Linked Modal Analysis System (
      To add damping, you need to go to Damping control settings in Transient Structural Analysis. Refer this for more info - Damping Controls (

      Regards, Saumadeep
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    • Rifaat93
      Thank you saumadeep.
      but i cant click on the link for some reason
      can you tell me what kind of time Steps i should choose in order to get the results i need
    • Rifaat93
      Because i keep trying i did the experiment
      and in ansys i put the force that was analyzed through the impedance head on the shaker
      but somehow it shows me a normal deformation
      it might be because of the time steps
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