How do I specify how much RAM & and how many processor cores HFSS uses for a simulation?

    • ixg90

      I'm running an HFSS simulation that is taking longer than expected. I'd like to know how to tell HFSS to use all available processor cores and RAM.

      The PC I'm using is running windows 10 with 40 processor cores, and 64GB of RAM. The windows resource monitor shows that only about half of the cores, and half of the RAM are in use during a simulation.

      How do I tell HFSS to use all available processors and RAM?

    • Anchal Singh
      Ansys Employee

      You can use HPC settings where you can specify the maximum number of cores and maximum RAM usability for simulation. For more information, you can go through the 'High-Performance Computing' section of the HFSS help document.
      Hope this helps.
    • ixg90
      Thank you. I've figured out how to specify the total number of cores used under Simulation -> Analysis Configuration where I've specified 40 cores, and 95% RAM limit on my local machine. I've changed "Num variations to distribute" to 11, as I'm running an optimetrics variation that has 11 steps total.

      Is it possible to use multiple cores to compute different frequencies within a given simulation? It seems that I'm distributing the 11 step parameter sweep to different cores, but I'm not sure that the various frequencies within a given sweep is being distributed.

      I wasn't able to find this information in the help document.
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