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How do I validate my non-linear MISO material model?

    • infiniteElements

      Hello everyone,

      From the material datasheet, I have converted the engineering stresses and strains to true-stress and strain and thereby calculated the plasticity data required for the MISO (Multilinear Isotropic) material-modeling approach.

      The data pertains to a polyamide induced with 35% glass fiber content. (PA66-GF35)

      My question is - and I want some ideas - how do I validate my material model, for example through a simple tensile test? Is there a standard approach I can take, for example a standard geometry, standard loading etc and obtain a numerically simulated stress-strain curve in order to compare it with my original material curve to get some sort of resemblance?

      Any suggestions/ ideas are welcome! Thank you for your time in advance.


    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee


      Yes, a simple tensile test should suffice. You can create a dogbone specimen and stretch it till yield. The geometry shouldn't matter in my opinion. Then you can plot the V-M stress vs. equivalent plastic strain curve of an element or node at the yielding location and compare it with your material input. 

      Let me know if you have trouble plotting these curves.




    • infiniteElements

      Thanks Wenlong, yes I will run the tensile test on this specimen. I will update you soon.

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