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How do you import the mesh from ACP to Static structure?

    • Abelardo

      Dear ANSYS forum members and readers,

      I am trying to do a Tension study of a bogie for my bachelors thesis. The main idea of the thesis is to compare the results from utilizing structure steel and compare it to the results that I get when using Carbon fiber epoxy.

      The problem arises at the moment I try to import the Mesh from the ACP to static structure.

      When clicking mesh in static structure I keep getting this error and I am not sure why I get it. There is always an issue when I try to mesh the structure and I am not sure why.

    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee
      nCheck the workflow for importing ACP mesh to Mechanical in this help link for 19.2nnnDrag the Setup from ACP Pre to Model cell in analysis system and hen select the type of mesh you neednYou should see the workflow similar to this:n
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