How do you open solution files in Fluent?

    • SickOfAnsys

      I've run a simulation through Workbench. Simulation finished, but Workbench crashed and shut down. I now cannot open any of the solution files in Fluent, and opening Workbench it asks whether I want to return to a previous saved state, or recover it. Previous saved state is the calculation setup, recover it I only get the geometry loading.

      The dp0 folder is full of files, so how do I now identify then open the solution files so that I can make my contour plots at different timesteps.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you have the case and data files COPY these to a new folder. Open Fluent from the Start menu, and read the case file. Then read the data. You can then create the contour, read the next data file & repeat. I'd advise using a journal. 

      CFD Post may also work, but will depend on whether the flpj file is OK, and whether the data files are tagged with a single case file. 

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