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How do you use ProjectPointToFace in spaceclaim scripting

    • Matthew Mavis


      I'm trying to fully script a process in ansys spaceclaim that needs to be written fully in python with no spaceclaim meta data. I'm trying to project a point at the center of mass of a plate to the midsurface face below it then use that point to get the face normal at that point. I have looked through the scripting API document for v21 and have found FaceItem.ProjectPointToFace but I can't seem to access it when using face objects defined by index and not smart variable. Is this intended or am I missing a step to convert a selection/faceselection into a FaceItem?


      Thanks for any help,


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Can you please explain your requirement with some images? Also, try to add code snippet that you are using.


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