How does ansys assume ECM model parameters ? Are they already assigned , if yes then how ?

    • Tahreem57

      I tried to simulate a single tab battery as per a fluent tutorial guide using the NTGK model but I want to use other models like the ECM model so I want to know how parameters in the ECM model are estimated and if these parameters are always fixed ?

      I want to estimate heat generation so which model between NTGK and ECM model s easy and better to estimate total heat generation?

    • Murari Iyengar
      Ansys Employee


      For conditions where the electric load does not change much, the NTGK model can be used for simulating the battery charging / discharging cycle. However, should the sudden surges in the electric load occur, such as in a real driving cycle, the NTGK model will not account for the inertial changes. For simulations of such abrupt fluctuations in the electric load, you can use the Ansys Fluent Equivalent Circuit Model (ECM) model.

      You can find more information about the ECM model and parameters here.
      20.2. Electro-Chemical Models (ansys.com)

      You can find more information about the NTGK model here.
      20.2.1. NTGK Model (ansys.com)

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