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How does Ansys calculate equivalent forces from applied moments in solid 3D models?

    • jonsoln


      I've underestood that solid 3D models don't have rotational DoFs and therfore cannot have applied moments. When specifying a moment in Mechanical GUI, Ansys will somehow convert this to forces on the selected nodes. How does this process work? The reason I ask is that there is no way of selecting a location for the moment, only a geometry to scope to.

      I've created two models to investigate: one where the moment is simply scoped to the circular hole and one where a remote point is created at the center of the hole and moment scoped to this point. For the first one, the moment vector shows up near the bottom of the hole.

    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator

      Open the Solver Files Directory and then open the ds.dat file:
      In this file you will see how each of the steps done is Mechanical is input to APDL solver. This will give ou more insight on how the loading is applied on the model.

      Regards Ashish Khemka

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