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How does Ansys come up with the node ID’s ?

    • Gerrit

      Hello all, 

      I am relatively new to Ansys and have a question about the automatic numbering of nodes in Ansys.

      I have created a simple rectangular geometry with the design modeler. With Edge sizing I then created a mesh in Mechanical and now I am wondering how the internal numbering of the nodes works.

      I have noticed that for the same number of elements, a cuboid is numbered differently than a rectangle. Which system is the basis for this and is it possible to export the information about the numbering, for example in a csv file?

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      You can get node ids of all nodes attached to a body (or any other set of nodes) by RMB part>create named selection. Again RMB click on the newly created named selection>create nodal named selection. This will create a nodal named selection of all nodes attached to that part. Right click on this nodal selection>export to text file, which will contain the node ids and node coordinates. You can also renumber the mesh with a numbering control object. Also check Specifying Mesh Numbering. Please understand that the scope of the forum is limited and sharing internal algorithms which ANSYS uses is far off from what we can do on this forum. But there are several research articles out there discussing mesh generation techniques which you might find useful.
      Regards Ishan.
    • Gerrit
      Thank you very much for your answer I tried the method you described, but unfortunately the exportedText file contains only the node ids and is missing their coordinates. Is there something I have to activate before ? Also, this method selects all the nodes and vertices of the model, while I am only interested in the nodes. Is there any way to avoid the automatic selection of the edges ?
      And lastly, you mentioned research articles about mesh generation in your first answer. Do you have some links or references where to find them, as I could not find any article related to my problem.
      Regards Gerrit
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