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How I apply the SOFC addon-module i modified to my own case? help me

    • Young Duk Lee

      Hi handsome guys, i am now studying the sofc cfd, 

      I am now having a trouble, which is i don't know how to apply my modified sofc udf(please.c <- below picture)

      I copied the SOFC source.c (it is constit.c) and modified and did what ansys guide wrote,

      in console, there was the customized addon module : loaded,,,,however it didn't work in simulation.

      more detail, the simulation result doesn't change,,, after i changed the fomula or values,,,

      please let me know how to modify the addon udf

      Thank you 


    • Murari Iyengar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, can you share where you got the SOFC source and which version you are using?

    • Young Duk Lee

      Hi Murari!

      we are using R2023R2. in the SOFC module, the last tab says the customization tab. when I copy the customizable file. that's the constit.c. i am not opening the sofc.h file only altering the constit.c file.

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