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How i can split surfaces

    • dilraj

      i need to split because i want to give different thickness to different surfaces i mean to each different vertical and horizontal members.Solidworks


      as u can see,there are only two surface geometry y0final1.. in 2nd fig only three members can be given different thickness instead of individually. How i can split each surface so i can give each surface a different thickness.

      Thank you

    • peteroznewman

      I don't know which CAD system you have, but the best practice is to create separate bodies in your CAD system before you get to ANSYS. If I import a "picture frame" design into DesignModeler, there will be 5 parts and 5 bodies. This is not good because the 5 parts will be unconnected in Mechanical Meshing, but they can each be assigned their own thickness.

      5 parts

      Select all the bodies and Form New Part.

      Form new part

      Now there is 1 Part consisting of 5 bodies which can still have their own thickness, but Meshing will connect the 5 bodies.

      1 part 5 bodies

      If you were given the file and don't have a CAD system to do the splitting, you can do that in DesignModeler. In ANSYS, right click on the Geometry line in the System block and select Edit Geometry in DesignModeler. You will have to create a New Plane at each edge, then insert a slice operation. Note that the slicing occurs on the XY plane you select, so you have to orient each plane properly. In your case, you will need 10 horizontal planes and 20 vertical planes.  Here is what the picture frame looks like after four slices.

      DM slice

      After all the slicing, you can create Boolean Unite and combine the frame bodies that have the same thickness to reduce the total number of bodies.

    • dilraj

      Thank you so much for your time

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