How is Total flow rate calculated in DPM?

    • 강유림


      In the discrete phase model, i will inject the particles to the surface.

      1) Here, what does total flow rate mean?

      " mass flow rate = density * volume flow rate (=area*velocity)"

      The value calculated by this formula does not seem to be established.

      If you don't use this formula,

      2) how do i calculate the total flow rate?

    • ai0013
      As suggested by the acronym "DPM - Discrete Phase Model". Fluent injects a discrete mass flow rate.
      m_dot = rho*vel*Area is valid for a continuous phase

      However, for particles the mass flow rate is
      m_dot = # of particles / sec * mass of particle

      That is why you need to both specify mass flow rate and velocity in the DPM injection panel. The latter has nothing to do with the above mentioned formula, so should be an independent input

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