LS Dyna

LS Dyna

How LS DYNA calculate the local pressure on rigid body?

    • Weidong

      It seems the *Force transducer penalty could output the local pressure on rigid body, but my case does not show good results.

      Could you please give me some suggestion about my problem?

      Enclosed please find my keyword.

      Best regards,


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
      Ansys staff can not download any files on the forum, so if you want to reach a larger audience to get answers from, please insert inline images describing your problem.
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    • ametist91
      Hello Weidong
      Did you solve this problem?
    • Weidong
      I still can not solve my problem. when I use the keyword *Force transducer penalty to output pressure, the results of pressure is not good. Could you please give me some suggestion about my problem?
      Best regards Weidong
    • Andreas Koutras
      Ansys Employee

      I tested *CONTACT_FORCE_TRANSDUCER_PENALTY in a *CONTACT_AUTOMATIC_SINGLE_SURFACE between a deformable and a rigid body using the latest SMP version. The results are as expected.
      If the contact forces are noisy, it will help if you specify some damping in the contact through VDC. VDC=20 is a common value.
      Otherwise, if you can provide some details and pictures of the model and of the results that demonstrate the issue, we may be able to help more.

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