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    • Shivbrat Ratha

      I am a user of the ansys fluent and I am modelling a pipe of a length 7.5 km and I am generating the velocity data of the  pipe in such a way that by varying the mass flow rate at inlet I will get the different velocity data at the outlet. My issue in this is how to give a vector data within a specified range (i.e. if the mass flow rate at inlet is say 200kg/s then in the outlet i will get the velocity data for the range -10% of the mass flow rate to +10% of the mass flow rate) and calculate the velocity data in the outlet for value of the mass flow rate in that range.

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee



      You can do a parameteric study with the mass flow rate at inlet as the input parameter and velocity at outlet as the output parameter. Check this tutorial:


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