3D Design

3D Design

How to 3D model from GDS and do 3D EM simulation?


      Good Evening everyone,
      I am facing a problem and I need your kind guidance.
      I have GDS file of 140 GHz 4CH RX in ADS. I need to check the isolation, insertion loss and crosstalk of the input lines.
      I imported the GDS in SIwave, define the layout with thickness then export it HFSS 3D EM solver. But all of my circuit elements are not exported properly. Only some portions of it.
      Is there anything wrong in my process, or what should I do now?
      Please guide me with proper steps how can I import GDS to HFSS and run the 3D EM simulations?
      Thank you

      N:B: I uploaded two pictures of SIWave and HFSS 3D EM solver

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee


      I would suggest to post this in the Electronics forum.


      All the best



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