How to accelerate a simulation of a solid and fluid interaction by a factor of 10000

    • bxddstl

      Professor, ,I am a novice. I wanted to do a solid and fluid coupling simulation (including gravity, including solid and fluid interactions and solid and fluid deformations) for about ten seconds, using explicit dynamics, but because my computer is weak, I wanted to take the ten second solid and fluid coupling and run it in 0.001 seconds.

      So I would like to ask which physical parameters of fluids and solids I need to change, such as changing gravity acceleration to 10000G(because the time become 0.0001)?Or do other physical parameters need to be changed?

      I'm not sure. Could you help me?Thank you 。😀

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      If you accelerate things you may find you need a smaller timestep to resolve the system. Read up on Courant Number to understand why. You may also need to alter other properties to balance effects, some of those techniques are explained in wind tunnel and water flume best practices.
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